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Delays in asset division aren't uncommon

Divorces can bring out the worst in people, which is why it's so important to know what to watch out for. For instance, it's fairly well known that at least one person in the couple is bound to drag their feet a little bit here and there.

There are difficult decisions to make, and every person may not be familiar with where to find the information they need to make those decisions. Perhaps the wife was in charge of finances, so the husband doesn't know where to find asset information, or maybe the husband has all the retirement information and the wife knows nothing about the accounts. This should be accounted for, and both parties should attempt to work together to resolve issues quickly. If not, the divorce can drag on.

Another thing to consider is that your spouse, who once was level-headed and fair, might become vindictive or petty when it comes to particular assets. It might be something that seems stupid, like a kitchen tool or bathroom mirror, but if it holds value, that person might fight for it in impressive, and somewhat selfish, ways. Avoid this by talking about the things you want out of your marriage.

Both of you can write down lists of your assets and what you'd like to keep. If there are items that overlap, using a mediator can help you work out who gets what without as much drama. If that doesn't work, you can both negotiate with the help of your attorneys or turn to the courts for help with your asset division concerns.

Source: The Huffington Post, "10 Things I Learned As A Divorce Attorney," A. Rodriguez, Dec. 06, 2016

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