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People avoiding gambling garnishments with sneaky trick

Here's an interesting report with information that most people probably wouldn't have thought about. According to the news from Dec. 6, lottery winners in North Carolina who were behind on child support or back taxes didn't have that money taken out of their winnings.

Normally, if a person has fallen behind on taxes or child support, wages, gambling income and other winnings can be garnished. The funds are taken directly to make up for what the person owes, so the people who are owed the money can have the debts settled. For parents, this can be a particularly helpful tool, especially if an ex-spouse is avoiding paying for child support or other obligations.

Normally, the state steps in and garnishes winnings, so how could these individuals get away with paying nothing and receiving their entire payout? It was found that some people were selling their winning tickets to others, offering a discount in exchange for their winnings in cash. By doing this, there is no way to track the person's claim on the prize, and it's hard to track the prize money itself. This makes it possible for him or her to dodge any withholding that would have taken place.

This act was discovered by researchers in the General Assembly. They found that there were certain people who were winning the lottery more than would normally be possible based on the odds. The research focused on tracking all winning lottery players from the last seven years.

This is an extreme case, but if you feel that your ex isn't paying and has been dodging garnishments, you may want to discuss your concerns with an attorney.

Source: WFMY News 2, "NC Lottery Winners Dodge $7M In Back Taxes, Overdue Child Support," Dec. 06, 2016

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