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To divorce or not to divorce: What divorce can't do for you

While a divorce can help you end a marriage that is not working and get you on the path to a life on your own, there are many things a divorce cannot do for you. Usually, when you decide you want a divorce, you've already focused on the numerous reasons why it's a good idea. However, it's good to take a second to think about the reasons you may not want to choose a divorce.

Social media has the potential to damage parenting reputations

Social media can reflect well or poorly on you, and if you share custody of your children with your ex-spouse, what you do on camera can come back to haunt you. That happened recently to a couple on YouTube, a social media platform where users share videos. They played pranks on their children, but many believe they went too far.

Domestic violence: You can get out and get the divorce you need

Domestic violence is extremely difficult to deal with. For those victimized by their spouses, divorce may be what they want but are too scared to ask for. When domestic violence is a major part of a marriage, it is vital that the victim becomes aware of the steps he or she can take to get out of the situation.

Child welfare may be reformed in North Carolina

Child welfare services are utilized by many people. Parents wishing to adopt may need to have the consultants approve them and their homes for children's safety before adoption. If there are allegations of abuse, the same services are supposed to follow up to make sure children are kept safe.

New bill requires more home visits after loss of custody

A toddler's death that took place in Moore has drawn media attention and helped make changes to custody rules to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future. According to the news report, the toddler, a 23-month-old child, had been at home with his mother when he wandered away from the house and fell into a pond. He was discovered after he drowned in the pond that was just half a mile from his home.

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