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Domestic violence: You can get out and get the divorce you need

Domestic violence is extremely difficult to deal with. For those victimized by their spouses, divorce may be what they want but are too scared to ask for. When domestic violence is a major part of a marriage, it is vital that the victim becomes aware of the steps he or she can take to get out of the situation.

The first thing to know is that there are multiple kinds of domestic violence. They are not all physical or even violent. Emotional, financial, sexual and other forms of abuse are all considered to be types of domestic violence.

Some people suffer from domestic violence the first time during a divorce because of the anger felt by their spouses. Those who were controlling in the past may feel out of control and believe becoming violent can control the victim. It's vital for anyone in a dangerous situation to let his or her attorneys and the police know as soon as possible. Telling an attorney that you fear your situation could become abusive can help you get a temporary restraining order or work out another situation that can protect you.

After letting an attorney and the police know about the dangers you're facing, you can begin to go through the divorce process without fear. Temporary restraining orders and protective orders can help keep you safe while you work through the divorce. With the support of those around you, it's possible to get out of a dangerous situation with the least risk to yourself or your children. Your attorney can help you if you reach out.

Source: Forbes, "Domestic Violence And Divorce," Jeff Landers, accessed May 16, 2017

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