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How can you get child support from a nonpaying parent?

There is never a guarantee that a person ordered to pay child support will do so. Even with a court order, some people do not follow through on their responsibilities. If you find yourself in a position where you aren't receiving the compensation you need for your child, don't worry. There are steps that can help you get what you need.

People avoiding gambling garnishments with sneaky trick

Here's an interesting report with information that most people probably wouldn't have thought about. According to the news from Dec. 6, lottery winners in North Carolina who were behind on child support or back taxes didn't have that money taken out of their winnings.

How can you seek out child support in North Carolina?

You may have recently decided to get a divorce, or maybe you've never been married to the mother or father of your child. Whatever the case may be, your child deserves to receive child support from the non-custodial parent. This support is there to enhance your child's life and to provide the support that two parents would provide if they lived together and raised the child in the same home.

President aims to reduce child support burden on inmates

For parents who are incarcerated, a new plan to reform child support payment rules could be beneficial. According to the news from Oct.16, the president has been looking at child support payments and how they become a crippling debt for those who are incarcerated.

Child support and low income facts

When you're getting a divorce, one major concern you may have is how much you can pay in child support. You need to be able to afford your own needs along with the needs of your child, and you could be taking a major hit to your family income by splitting up. Will you need to struggle to pay an unfair amount of child support? You shouldn't, because strict guidelines are used in North Carolina.

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