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To divorce or not to divorce: What divorce can't do for you

While a divorce can help you end a marriage that is not working and get you on the path to a life on your own, there are many things a divorce cannot do for you. Usually, when you decide you want a divorce, you've already focused on the numerous reasons why it's a good idea. However, it's good to take a second to think about the reasons you may not want to choose a divorce.

Domestic violence: You can get out and get the divorce you need

Domestic violence is extremely difficult to deal with. For those victimized by their spouses, divorce may be what they want but are too scared to ask for. When domestic violence is a major part of a marriage, it is vital that the victim becomes aware of the steps he or she can take to get out of the situation.

Don't want to pay alimony? Here are some options

Many articles discuss how people can get alimony from their spouses, but another important question is how to make sure you don't pay alimony if you don't need to. Alimony can affect your finances for a long period of time, so it's no wonder you don't want to pay alimony to a spouse who may not deserve it. How can you make sure you don't pay alimony? There are a few ways.

Divorce could actually improve health, according to study

If you're getting a divorce or considering one, one of the things you might recall is that people have, for many years, stated that being in a marriage is healthier for you. That could make you feel like you're failing or that you need to work harder, but the truth is that not all marriages are meant to last. While you work with your attorney on the specifics of your divorce, keep this interesting study in mind.

Getting a divorce? Are you a mom? Here's something to think about

If you're ready to go through a divorce, there are a few issues you need to address as a mother. First, you'll need to think about what's going to happen with your marital property. Do you want the spousal home to raise your children in? It's possible, but you may also want to consider the debts you share with your spouse and how taking on a mortgage could affect your finances. You may also want to discuss how you can split financial assets like retirement accounts or savings accounts.

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