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Child welfare may be reformed in North Carolina

Child welfare services are utilized by many people. Parents wishing to adopt may need to have the consultants approve them and their homes for children's safety before adoption. If there are allegations of abuse, the same services are supposed to follow up to make sure children are kept safe.

Negotiating can help you get a fair cut during divorce

When you get married, any assets you collect while you're with your spouse become marital assets. There are a few small exceptions, but on the whole, if you have a shared bank account, a home or other assets, you both have ownership over that property.

Protect your assets during divorce with these helpful tips

You're going through a divorce, and you know that there has to be some give and take. Although that's the case, the last thing you want is to be back to square one financially. So, how can you prevent your spouse from getting more than his fair share? Here are a few ways to protect your finances.

Alternative dispute resolution can help you resolve your case

Sometimes, divorces aren't all bad. If you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse can work together, you could be able to avoid lengthy litigation and drawn out court dates. What if you run into a snag, though? Is there an alternative to turning to the judge for help?

Kidnapped boy still in Guatemala despite custody violation

If you're worried about child custody arrangements and are concerned your child may be taken, you're not alone. Many parents have this fear, and with the right support and evidence, your attorney can make a case to the court to restrict visitation or custody rights.

You can fight for your child after a parental abduction

If you're losing sleep over the fear that your child could be taken away by his or her other parent, then you need to look into your legal options. If you have evidence that the other parent isn't returning your child on time or is violating court orders, there may be options for you to prevent that parent from having visitations without you or others present. If the worst does come to pass, there are still some things you can do to bring your child home and prevent a recurrence in the future.

What are some benefits of getting married?

There are a few things you already know about marriage. If you get married, you might be able to share the same last name, you'll avoid paying child support for a child you and your wife or husband had when you weren't married, and you gain some tax benefits, too. There are some other benefits to marriage you may not have considered, though, that your attorney can walk you through.

Legal terms everyone should know when talking to an attorney

Family law is a specialty field that some attorneys work in. This field deals with numerous issues relating to family and home life. Cases could include things like divorce issues, child support problems, and prenuptial agreement development.

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