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The often surprising roles a family law practice fills

Most people assume a family law legal practice is all about divorce and not much else. While divorce is a large area for attorneys who practice family law, it only scratches the surface of the ways in which an attorney working in this field helps families in North Carolina.

Same-sex marriage ban appealed in North Carolina

Lawmakers from North Carolina have spoken out about the controversial issue of marriage ban that a federal judge struck down in November. In 1996, legislature formerly banned marriage rights for same-sex couples and a constitutional amendment was approved by voters and filed in 2012, citing that marriage only pertained to men and women.

Who can adopt a child in North Carolina?

Many residents in North Carolina may understand how exciting it can be to add a new member to the family. Adoption is one way that some people choose to add another child to their care. However, the adoption process can be complicated, and there are a number of requirements that a potential adoptive parent might need to meet before the proceedings can be finalized.

Types of adoption

Adopting a child is a big decision that some North Carolina families choose to make. However, there are many avenues that couples can take when deciding to add a child to the family.

Fairness in family law

What a party involved in a legal dispute in North Carolina might think is fair may not always correlate to what the law considers fair and equitable. For example, in family law matters, the rights of a biological parent might take precedence over other rights claimed by people with more of a hand in raising the child. In one example recently cited, a mother who abandoned her baby daughter to the care of the child's grandmother but came back two years later to claim her stands a good chance of being awarded full custody of the toddler, because most laws favor the child's biological parents.

Boy pleads for adoptive family

A 15-year-old boy wearing a suit and tie asked a Florida congregation for support in getting him adopted by a family in early October. Ever since that time the church has been flooded with phone calls from people in North Carolina and elsewhere regarding the child's case. The boy has had a difficult life. He was born when his mother was in jail and he has never had a permanent home. He is currently living in a group home with about 12 other teenagers and recently discovered that his mother is now deceased.

U.S. Supreme Court hears complex adoption case

North Carolina residents may be familiar with a potentially landmark case originating in Oklahoma that is currently being weighed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The case began in 2009, when a military man who had been with his pregnant fiancee for over a decade found out she was breaking up with him via text message. The news surprised him as he was looking forward to being a father and starting a family. Then, she asked him to turn over custody rights to their child. When the baby was four months old, the new dad was getting ready to deploy overseas, so he consented, presuming that she was to retain custody. However, upon signing away his rights, he was informed by the woman's lawyer that she decided to give the baby up for adoption. While he secured his own lawyer and appealed immediately, his parents had to handle his legal matters after he shipped overseas.

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