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Cleese pays millions in alimony

Although North Carolina audiences laughed along with comedian John Cleese's one-man show "The Alimony Tour" a few years ago, the titled show was appropriate for Cleese's life situation. The man agreed to pay millions of dollars of alimony and continuing payments for several years after his divorce as part of the property division agreement.

Understanding what a prenup does

North Carolina couples who are planning to marry might be interested in learning more about prenuptial agreements. Although many people associate them with the very rich, that is not always the case. People who have a lot of debt sometimes use prenuptial agreements too, as well as individuals who have adult children, are marrying a second time and want to use it to help facilitate estate planning.

Financial tips to lessen the pain of divorce

In recent decades, divorce rates have plummeted in North Carolina and across the country. But 25 percent of those couples separated before their 10th anniversary and 10 percent didn't even make it to their 5th. The Wall Street Journal has noted a spike in divorce or breakups by people over 50. Most couples getting divorced at any age don't understand that a breakup will require them to face seriously complicated financial problems in today's economy, and each couple usually has competing interests. Couples could protect themselves by getting financially educated.

More women seek prenuptial agreements today, according to reports

North Carolina couples may be interested to learn that, nationwide, more women are asking for prenuptial agreements before they get married. In past years, it was almost always the men, especially if they were wealthy, who asked for these agreements, reports say.

Family Law is About Perspective

Family law experts, Mark Baer included, have often questioned the perspective of general society thinking prenuptial agreements are wrong. Mr. Baer defines such an argument as circular, or with the evidence having no connection to the conclusion that is being drawn. Most arguments, according to Mr. Baer, are made from a willful ignorance of the facts at hand. Many lawyers and judges in family court share the perspective that the concept of marriage is in itself a "a href="http://www.gnclawfirm.com/">prenuptial agreement in what is known as the "Family Code." This code is an argument heralded by Harvey A. Silberman, a family law judge for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County in California. The fact is that most marriages fall apart for financial reasons, and that most people who are divorced regret not having a frank discussion about their finances before taking the plunge. The perspective of a marriage as a merger between two businesses is also an apt analogy to use, according to Baer. Mr. Baer says that certain aspects of business that are not discussed between two parties who are looking to merge will automatically place those aspects of the relationship under the auspices of the Uniform Partnership Act or something like it. Mr. Baer encourages people to follow the evidence and look at marriage as a subsidy of the other business that it is being contracted into. Those individuals who are in need of a different perspective when it comes to their own family law case usually do not have time to rearrange their own philosophy on life. When this is impossible because of time constraints, it is usually best to rely on the advice of a professional with experience in dealing with marriages from this business perspective. People in high asset marriages should especially think about the division of assets because it can mean a change in lifestyle for one party or another.

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